Marrakech to Zagora desert 2 Days

Private tour to Merzouga desert 3 days

Morocco tour to desert and Fes 3 days

Trekking to Toubkal 3 days trek

Desert tour to Merzouga for 4 days

Marrakech to Merzouga desert 5 days

Marrakech to Sahara desert 7 days

Marrakech tour to Agadir 7 days


Private tour to Merzouga desert 3 days

Tour to Merzouga and Marrakech 3 days

Private tour to Merzouga desert 4 days


From Casablanca Imperial cities 8 days

6 days tour to Fes and Sahara desert


3 Days Excursion from Agadir

5 Days Tour Agadir VTT - Mules

7 Days Tour from beach to Sahara desert

7 days Trek to M’hamid and Marrakesh

7 days Trek to Merzouga and Marrakech


1 Day Trips excursions from Marrakech

1 Day Trips excursions from Agadir

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The specialists group team of Trekking: Agadir Excursion Tours is one Travel tour Agency inviting you to discover an exotic Moroccan world and to live with us real adventures and fun family team inside the golden desert and mounts and also between Draa valley, Ziz valley ,Todra and also Dades gorges...

Our life style has been both nomadic and settled in our  Moroccan  Berber culture based by Tajine and couscous in Toubkal top and mgoun groves mountain. Agadir Excursion Tours impact the reality of people in desert and mountains too.

Nowadays, Agadir Excursion Tours consists of well educated friends from different cities and towns in Morocco and Europe.

Agadir Excursion Tours being interested of the Ecologic Tourism and raids of Morocco. Then our previous experiences with many travel agencies in UK ,USA and all Europe help us to improve our Trekking products in Sahara Trek and Bike tours.

Jewish tours and Trekking in Morocco: is Our Goal, we need to improve the religious Tours. Also the Catholic and Protestant religions have a great value in Morocco now, that’s why Our Travel tour agency consists to different nationalities and religions (peace tour Morocco).


The Headmaster and Tour Guide

in Morocco

Representative and Driver bus in Spain

The Office Manager in Morocco

Representative in Germany

Representative in France

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